October 1-31, 2004 -- Parts? Parts! Parts.

Between October 1 and 25, we spent our time trying to get the generator parts ordered. We tried ordering them from a company in the U.S.; however, the engine that is used on our generator is not one that is sold in the U.S. We were assured by the person we dealt with that it wasn't a problem since the company was authorized to sell the parts for the generator. He just needed to get a build list from Kubota.

Well, we tried that one for two weeks. Each time we called, he reported that it would only be another day or two until he could put together our order.

Finally, we gave up and called the Kubota dealer in the U.K. The person there assembled our parts list, and told us that it would be a few days for the parts book that we wanted. So, we waited again.

On October 26, we talked with the U.K. Dealer again, and they recommended that we ship the parts now, and they would send us the parts book when it came in, separately.

On October 29, our parts were in at Renaissance Marina and ready for us to pick up.

On October 30, I tried to upload our website. Unfortunately, there seems to be a serious problem with Fortunecity's FTP system. It didn't work!