May 1-31, 2002 -- The Month that Wasn't

We planned to move the boat this month. In fact, we even cleaned the bottom of the boat we were so serious about going.

We wanted to make a run up to Blancia with Precocious Gale. Unfortunately, that was not to be. We were waiting on some stuff to arrive that was running late. We didn't want to leave it here while we went to Blancia so we couldn't go.

We bid Precocious Gale goodbye and then settled in for a week of higher than normal winds. On Friday May 24 we were astonished to see Ray and Ashley show up at Jak's. We asked how the swim was from Blancia. They had developed a problem with their engine that kept them from moving on to Blancia, and then, the winds kept them from moving as well! They were just here to look for some parts and then they would head on.

On Sunday, May 26, they returned to the anchorage because of another problem.

Everything was finally done and running. We decided to go to Coche for the weekend. However, on May 31, Jak's hosted a mexican night. It was a fun evening. We joined Blind Date, Precocious Gale and Galadriel up at Jak's for dinner. We had planned to make an early evening of it since we were planning to leave in the morning. But that didn't quite work. We meandered back to the boat around 10:00 PM or so.