July, 2002

This month was a month to finish outstanding projects. I wish I could say that we completed all of them, unfortunately, I can't. However, we finally were able to replace the drive unit on our staysail furling gear, and finish some work on our jib furling gear as well as several projects on the inside of the boat. All of this allowed us to have a day sail!

On July 21, 2002 we invited Don and Jak to go out for the day aboard Nightwinds. We arranged to pick up Don and Jak at 11:00 in the morning. On my way in to pick them up, I ran into Tom and Paul from Miss P. I invited them to come along as well. We collected Don and Jak from the restaurant and piled into the dinghy. After getting everyone aboard, Mike and I dropped off Fido, and returned to the boat in Spot. We put Spot up on deck and left out of the anchorage. It was a fun day sail! We tried to sail back in to the anchorage, unfortunately the current was to strong and we had to motor back into the anchorage. Jak prepared spiced steamed shrimp, and I prepared Chicken tacos for lunch. We spent the afternoon lounging on the back of the boat eating and watching the anchorage. It was a fun day.

The rest of the month went smoothly. There wasn't a whole lot happening, and we didn't over stress ourselves.