June 1, 2001 -- Our Day in Bequia

Since the Doyle Guidebook was so positive about Admiralty Bay, Bequia, we decided to take a look around the town. We were hoping to find a few things. Yup, it was another day of checking out the chandleries! We started out doing lunch at a small bar and restaurant. We ran into Ian and Sue from Kokopelli, and then Bob and Mona from Mutual Fun also appeared. We chatted over lunch, and then headed on our way.

We wandered around and checked out the 4 'chandleries' in Admiralty Bay. They all had essentially the same equipment and supplies. Unfortunately, they did not have anything we were looking for!

We then headed to an internet cafe to upload logs and to check a few things on the net.

Finding that Bequia did not meet the build up it received, we checked out, planning to head for Carriacou tomorrow.

We have come to the conclusion that the Doyle Guidebooks are virtually worthless. Yes, you too can run a five star establishment, as rated by Chris Doyle, simply by forking over enough money for ad space. We have been disappointed in most places that have been reviewed in any of Doyles guidebooks that we have visited; in fact, the best use we have for the Doyle guidebooks is to know where to AVOID based on how highly he recommends them (which is also usually a direct correlation as to how big their ads are).

Basically, if you are reading this and planning to go cruising, there are two books we would recommend, A Gentleman's Guide to Passages South by Bruce Van Sant and A Cruising Guide to the Caribbean by Stone and Hayes.
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