November 26, 1999 -- Untitled

At 5:00 AM, EST, Ling-Ling, our Fischer-Panda 25, shutdown with an over temperature fault. We thought that we had pulled something up in the strainer. We attempted to free it up, but she never did produce wet exhaust again. We decided to let her cool down naturally and go back to sleep.

Mike woke up a little bit later and fired up Tinky, our Northern Lights 12.5 Generator.

I got up and checked into the Cruiseheimers net. A little bit later, Chez Nous checked in, or at least attempted to. When they broadcast they were pretty broken up. I decided that it would probably be a good idea to let them know how broken up they were. First though, we needed to find out what was wrong with Ling-Ling.

We lifted the floor up in the main saloon, and then removed the sound shield from Ling-Ling. After reviewing our documentation, we finally identified where the raw water pump was. We also found that the raw water pump belt was completely destroyed. While Mike worked to remove the raw water pump, I commenced searching for a replacement belt. Mike and I completed our jobs about the same time.

After checking the impeller and finding it good, we replaced the belt and started reattaching the water pump to the generator. Mike discovered that he could not get the pulleys to line up. After reviewing the documentation, he decided to remove the pulley from the water pump and reseat it. When we removed the pulley, the plastic washer and pump bearing were bad on the pump! We believe that this came from the factory like that. We called Don from CYC who is now a Fischer-Panda distributor who told us that he would have Fischer-Panda send us a new raw water pump on Monday.

Since the generator was completed, I decided to head over to Chez Nous. I pulled up and let Tom know about what I heard on the radio, then asked him about his dinghy lift system. He passed the contact information to us about the guy that designed and built it for him. We chatted a bit more before I returned to Nightwinds.

I called Yvonne since we had some shopping to do. She was still waiting on my brother to call. He is on sea duty somewhere in the Caribbean with the Coast Guard. Mom and Joe picked us up and we headed back to Yvonne's for some lunch before doing the running around we needed to do. When we got there, she was on the phone with David. After she finished talking to him, I also talked to him for a bit.

After lunch, Yvonne took us to an auto parts store for some stuff, then to West Marine where we found out that we could only order a catalogue part from the catalogue if we wanted it shipped anywhere other than to the store. We gave up and headed back to the boat.