November 24, 1999 -- Family and Friends

We got up this morning, and found propagation to be pretty exceptional this morning for our SSB. I was able to hear both the Bahamas as well as Bermuda! Fortunately, the propagation held and the net went really well.

Yvonne phoned to find out what our plans were for the day and to tell us that she would be going shopping with Mom and Joe for the first part of the morning. We suggested that they give us a call when they were done and then we would ride back to the house with them.

We spent the morning doing pretty much nothing other than basic maintenance. At one point, I decided that I would clean up the boat. That phase lasted for about twenty minutes but I accomplished a lot in that time. Mike watched me cleaning, saying that, me cleaning was a spectator sport. After that spurt of energy, I looked around and decided that there really wasn't anything else that I could accomplish quickly since we were waiting on the phone call.

At noon, Yvonne called and told us that they were done with their shopping and were actually quite close to us. We told them we would meet them at the dinghy dock.

On the way to the house, we stopped at the store. This was a good thing since Mike and I had missed lunch. It must have been a sight, we were all wandering slowly through the store; five adults and three kids perusing aisles, while Mike and I chowed down on a sandwich and donuts.

Once back at the house, we unloaded the car, put away the groceries and commenced to talking and generally hanging out. At 4:30 PM EST, we left for dinner at the Golden Corral. While this is not our first choice in dining pleasures, it was convenient and easier on the kids.

After dinner, Mike and I returned to the boat and spent a leisurely evening in peace and quiet.