November 20, 1999 -- The Great Debate

Of course, the great debate is, do we stay or do we go? The weather forecast for today really sounded like it would be great for us to leave. The sky, on the other hand, told a different story. It was kind of gray with thunder bumper clouds all over the place. Since we still had some time, we decided to pull weather faxes to see what the surface analysis showed. After reviewing everything, we decided to seek Herb's advice on when to leave.

First, we cleaned the boat preparing to get underway so that we would not have to worry so much about getting underway tomorrow. Then I hoisted Mike up the mast so we could change out our spinnaker pole line. This new line would allow us to wench the pivot point of the pole when we bring the dink back aboard. Theoretically, this will make this process much easier. After that, we headed into town for lunch and a last tour of the grocery store for beef.

After that, we headed back to the boat. I took a nap while Mike played with our radio. At 2:30 PM EST, Mike woke me up to so that I could check in with Herb. Well, he wound up checking in with Herb and I finally got up around 3:00 PM EST.

We talked to Herb at around 5:30 PM EST, he told us that he didn't generally do coastal advice, but that it looked like we should be fine to leave tomorrow. So that confirmed our feelings and we headed below to fix dinner and write logs.