November 17, 1999 -- A Day Working on the Boat?!

This was the day we decided to set aside for working on the boat. After all, we had an inverter to install, batteries to check, oil to change, and lots of stuff to clean up.

First thing on the list was laundry! We headed into town and dropped off our laundry at the wash, dry and fold place. At $0.60/pound, it was too good of a deal to refuse! While we were there, we met the folks off of Kindley Light. Meeting people on other boats is always interesting. I have found the discussions occur something like this:

  1. Identify yourself, apart from your boat
  2. Identify your boat.
  3. The conversation really takes off from there because you now know who you are actually talking to!

    We invited them over for cocktails that afternoon.

    Next on the list, grocery shopping. We walked down to the little grocery store and wandered the aisles purchasing what we would need for dinner for a few days as well as picking up some stores for the boat.

    After returning to the boat we again left to walk to West Marine. There are just some things that we prefer to have the label marine grade. We picked up more supplies for the inverter installation as well as new line for our spinnaker pole and a couple of other things then walked back to the dinghy with all of this stuff.

    Once everything was put away, Mike turned his attention to taking out the 2 battery chargers we planned to remove. I got to work changing Ling-Lings oil. My job was over quickly and I pitched in helping Mike. We got as far as removing the trim and the bottom screws on the lower charger before we encountered our first problem. We couldn't find our "enforcer" 18 inch screwdriver to loosen the top screws on the charger. At first this did not appear to be a problem as the charger could be removed without removing the screws; we only had to lift it ¼ of an inch. We could not get sufficient leverage to lift the charger straight up! After more than an hour of this we were both getting frustrated. We decided that we had worked long enough and would pick up again when we had the proper tools, and it was a good thing we did to!

    Just as we were finishing our clean up, we saw the folks from Kindley Light coming up in their dinghy. They came aboard for a tour and a drink. After a bit, we headed over to their boat for a look. This is an incredible center cockpit ketch rigged boat that is all wood! They refitted the boat themselves with the exception of the finish work on the interior. It was an amazing bit of work and very nicely done. I was treated to a Caesar for a drink. According to them, it is the national drink of Canada. I found it to be quite tasty, especially if you like Bloody Marys. After the tour and talk of boat remodeling, we said goodnight and headed back into town for a cheap dinner.

    When we got back to the boat, we continued configuring our second PC to basically duplicate our first. Unfortunately, we still could not find several of the disks we needed! Next we tried using an application mover to move our mail program from one PC to the other. That also did not work. Mike gave up about 11:00 PM EST; I finally gave up around 2:00 am EST!