West Palm Beach to Washington DC

We left bright and early at 7:00 am on June 19, 1999 from West Palm Beach, FL

 The Crew  The Crew (L to R): Norm, Mike, Ruth, Will, Bryan and Sandra
 The second day out we found an abandoned boat. We contacted the F/V Fried Conch in Key West, FL who acted as relay to the Coast Guard for us to verify that the survivors had been taken off the boat the day before.  abandoned boat
 Bryan suffering from sea sickness decided to brave the elements rather than go inside and face the consequences!  bryan on park bench
 storm 1  storm 2
 Storm 3 The morning after the big storm, the seas were still a little choppy.
 The Mess It's amazing what a little chop, can do to items not properly stored!
 Coast Guard  Due to the shifting sands at Ocracoke Inlet, the Coast Guard offered an escort in an out of Ocracoke Inlet.

From Ocracoke to Washington DC