Underway to Charleston, SC

Due to the damage we sustained in Fernandina Beach, FL, we decided to buddy boat with Bob and Joanne on Timonee. We were concerned about our port prop and shaft. It was nice to have people close by, incase we had any problems. Fortunately, there were no problems!

As we came out the inlet, here we are between waves. There was also a "rage" condition where current is directly against wind. This produced short choppy seas. It calmed down quite a bit after we cleared the jetty.
When underway, we always make sure to wear our harnesses and are "jacked in" to the boat.
Here we are underway motorsailing to Charleston. We ran with reduced sail so that we wouldn't outpace Timonee.
As we move on toward evening, we reduced the sails in preparation for night sailing.
Dolphins are amazing creatures. When we didn't go to the bow to watch them, they came to us. They swam with us, even with the pilot house.
Timonee is a 47' Tyanna with a 70' mast. Bob and Joanne have the same problem we do, they have to run on the outside. Were it not for my appendicitus, we could have buddy boated the entire trip up the east coast!
Getting close to Charleston, we had to watch out for shipping. These are some amazing ships!